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Standing out from the crowd has never been more important.

At PACOBOND, we have manufactured a vast range of rigid boxes for upscale packaging, major promotions, product launches etc. for some high end brands. All our rigid boxes are designed and produced to our clients exact specifications.

Rigid boxes are the best choice for maximum protection of the product inside while elevating it to the next level of luxury, sophistication and quality. It elevates the perceived value and customer satisfaction, hence loyalty.

Ideal for high end items, rigid boxes are a testament to quality, enhancing the overall customer experience and adding a touch of luxury to every product it encases.

Whether you're looking for something simple and elegant or a fully customized option that reflects your brand's image, we can help.

At PACOBOND we pride ourselves in offering a wide range of finishing options to enhance the appeal of your products. With our expertise in foiling, embossing, laminating  and printing we can help you achieve the perfect finishing touches that will leave a lasting impression on your customers.

Box Styles
Tube Boxes.jpg

Round shaped tube box

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Collapsible rigid box.jpg

Collapsible / Foldable box

Collapsible boxes can be collapsed flat and thus stored or shipped easily. When needed, it can be assembled by simply pulling up on the side walls.

Set-up Box.jpg

2-piece telescoping box

The most common type of rigid box. A deep tray with a shallow lid or up to full depth lid that telescopes snugly for a secure fit.

3 pc Box.jpg

Shoulder & neck box

The base of this style has a slightly smaller tray glued inside, to form a shoulder which slots into the lid.

rigid box 4_edited.jpg

2-piece drawer box

Simple, luxurious and elegant!  

Magnetic box.jpg

Magnetic closure box

The magnetic closure boxes provide a hassle free yet luxurious way to package your products. A secure closure with stylish presentation.

Book Style rigid box.jpg

1-piece book style box

A hinged box with three panel cover/folder and a glued in tray.The tray is usually smaller than the cover leaving a small overhang when closed.

1-Pc Rigid Box.jpg

1-piece rigid box

One-piece rigid boxes come with an attached closing flap, also known as hinged closure boxes.

Clamshell style rigid box.jpg

1-piece clamshell box

Another style of a hinged box, but with a clam shell style lid.

Box Wrap
  • C1S  Artpaper

  • Natural and bleached uncoated kraft paper

  • Fine Printing Artpapers,  colored / embossed / coated / uncoated / pearlized / glitter

  • FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified papers.

  • Recycled papers with 50%, 70% and 100% Post Consumer Waste content

  • Fine Leather and Linen fabric papers

  • Faux suede leather paper

  • Soft Touch tactile papers

  • Hammered, brushed or meshed metallic papers

Get A Price2.jpg
Box Texture


Over all embossed / debossed textures can be applied on Uncoated stocks, Coated stocks and Film Laminated stocks.

In addition to the pre-embossed stock sheets from Neenah Fine Printing papers, Neenah Boxwrap and Winter Papers, we offer stock embossing patterns to create customized unique luxury packaging solutions.

For images of the available textures for rigid boxes made in China,

please click below.         

Print Options
Screen Print.jpg

Screen Printing

Offers true color print over colored stock.  It can use a variety of inks for different effects, like glitter, suede or velvet flocking  to name a few.


Spot Gloss UV

Offers subtle tone on tone, clear gloss over matte background

Red Faker.jpg

Foil Stamping

Increases visibility by creating a  reflective metallic dimension. 

Embossed Foil


Increases the reflective surface angles and intensifies the highlights and shadows.


Adds subtle visual dimension that stimulates the urge to touch and hold.

Litho / Offset

1 - 6 color  high quality 

traditional lithographic print

Box Finishes

Hi-Gloss Film Lamination 


Matte Film Lamination


Spot Gloss UV over Matte Coating


Holographic Film Lamination

  • Uncoated Vellum Finish

  • Gloss, Matte or Soft Touch Aqueous Coating

  • Spot or Over All Gloss UV

  • Gloss, Matte or Soft Touch Film Lamination

  • Scuff Free Matte Film Lamination

  • Spot Gloss UV over matte finish

  • Silver or Gold Metallic Film Lamination

  • Holographic Film Lamination

  • Spot or over all Flocked finish. 

Box Inserts

Custom Inserts


Folding Board



Vacuum Formed PET Inserts


High Density EVA


Custom box inserts transform a box into a luxury packaging.

It's mainly used to protect the box contents from damage during transit, in addition to displaying it in a luxurious way.

It can be made from a few options:

    -  High density EVA foam.

    -  Softer open cell foam.

    -  Flocked foam.

    -  Vacuum formed clear PET.

    -  Wrapped rigid board - same material

       as the outer box.

    -  Corrugated B-Flute or E-Flute board.

    -  Folding box boards.


Wrapped Board


Flocked insert.jpg

Flocked Foam



Soft Foam


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