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In addition to carrying and protecting the product, corrugated packages with high quality printed graphics outside and inside, offer an array of merchandising opportunities, providing an identity to your brand.

Whether used as marketing sales kits,  product launch kits,  bag-boxes, E-commerce mailers or regular shipping cartons,  full color graphics create and deliver a unique branding experience for your customer.

Paint Swatches





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Our corrugated products are not only of the highest quality, but are also available in a variety of options to ensure you find exactly what you’re looking for. With top-of-the-line materials, cutting-edge production technologies and a highly qualified team, we guarantee complete satisfaction.

Box Styles

You can choose from a variety of box styles, from Regular Slotted Container (RSC ) boxes, which are the standard shipping boxes, to RETF / RETT Mailers, to Bag-boxes, to Gable boxes and to more specialized  custom designs, depending on your needs.
We can also manufacture your boxes in both E-flute and B-flute, so that whatever you pack, move or ship, our custom containers will hold up.



E-Commerce Mailers

E-Commerce Mailers

An opportunity to increase brand awareness while elevating the  customer experience

Gable Boxes

Gable Boxes

Suitable for packaging and delivery of gift giveaways, sweets or bakery items, it provides convenience with style. 

Product Boxes

Product Boxes

Secure enough to handle fragile objects. Sturdy enough to be handled roughly.
Cannabis Chocolate2.jpg
Shipping Boxes

Most economical choice for shipping bulky items.
Made of heavy B-Flute cardboard, protects the contents and elevates the brand image.

Shipping Boxes

Covered CA1.jpg
Bag Boxes

No matter the weight of the product, it'll carry comfortably and with style.


Bag box.jpg
Bag Boxes 

Carrying safely, comfortably and economically. Eliminate the need of a shopping bag. Let your box be the walking billboard.


Re shippable Box.jpg
Re-shippable Boxes

Similar to the regular E-Commerce mailers with two sealing tape strips.  One to seal after packing and the  second for a secure return. Zip tear strip to open the box when received.

 Re-Shippable Boxes 

Take advantage of our two sided print capabilities to promote your products, reinforce brand awareness and elevate the unboxing experience.
Creating a feeling that the package was made just for your client, will enhance brand loyalty.


Happy CustomerA.jpg
Print Options

Package printing is essential when it comes to creating unique packaging that should catch customer's attention and make an unforgettable unboxing experience. Pacobond offers digital printing directly over the corrugated boards, and for higher end graphic appearance, lithographic offset printing and/or foil stamping or spot gloss UV over labels and mounting on corrugated boards.

Our print options include plain boxes without printing, printed outside only, printed inside only  and printed outside and inside.

Amazon Resorts mailer.jpg

Printed 1 Side

Printed Outside Only

Inside the box can
be white or natural kraft.

House of Lashes_edited.jpg

Printed 1 Side

Printed Inside Only

Outside the box can
be white or natural kraft.

Nue Skin.jpg

Using UV cured inks and inkjet technology, digital printing prints directly on the corrugated board, offering faster and more economical short to medium runs. No set up costs and no plate costs. Maximum print size is 48" x 120".

With saturated prints, it's possible to obtain over all matte finish, over all gloss ( similar to varnish) finish, or spot gloss and matte combination.

Offset print.jpg

An alternative method to the above is offset lithographic printing onto a label and then mounting on the corrugated board. Large format labels ( maximum 28"x40") can be printed for over all mounting. Offset printing also provides use of Pantone metallic or spot color inks and  possibility of unique film lamination finishes like Soft Touch, Hi-gloss or spot gloss UV over Scuff Free. Matte background.

SOL Body.jpg

Similar to the lithographic offset printing, artwork can be foil stamped on maximum 28"x40" labels and mounted on the corrugated board. Foil stamp produces effects which are impossible to achieve using traditional ink printing or digital printing. Foils are available in many metallic colors in addition to holographic patterns.

Foil stamping is an effective medium at creating a luxurious and elegant feeling.

Spot Gloss UV.jpg

It's a fast-drying printing method using ultraviolet lights to cure the inks.

Complementing the lithographic offset printing, some areas of the artwork can be printed with Gloss Clear UV and mounted on the corrugated board creating high gloss, or even raised gloss areas over matte background.

White box.jpg
Blank boxes.jpg

It can be white or natural kraft both sides, or white on 1 side and natural kraft on the other.

Blank. No Print

Team CA Mailer.jpg

Printed 2 Sides

Printed Outside and Inside

It can be white or natural kraft both sides, or white on
1 side and natural kraft on the other.

Printing Plate

C utting Die

Any Size 

Our process is not restricted to stock sizes.  Any size can be done within the same leadtime and at no additional upcharges.

Variable Size.png

No Minimums


No minimum order quantity (MOQ).

You can order as low as one piece or as many as thousands.


Applies to digitally printed products

Full Color,
High Quality Print

Printed digital directly over the corrugated board in 4 color process + opaque white, or litho in 6 colors ( 4 color process and/or Pantone colors) + Aqueous Coating.

Color wheel.jpf


Feel good about helping the environment. These boxes are manufactured with recycled boards containing anywhere between 40% to 90% post consumer waste, and of coarse are recyclable.


Printed Foam Inserts

Deliver a unique branding experience with full color designs or text messages printed on the top layer of the white Foam Inserts.Click below for an image.

View Sample
Foam Insert.jpg

Fast Turnarounds


Majority of the orders are shipped within a week from the date of the pre-production sample approval.


Applies to digitally printed products

Pre-production Samples

We always e-mail back a proof of the art layout for approval, free of charge. If requested, a printed pre-production sample or two can be shipped too for a nominal charge which will be reimbursed when the production order is placed.

Printing True
Colors on Brown Kraft

Contrary to most suppliers', if requested, prints on natural kraft background can show the true colors of the art.

View Sample
Print on Kraft.jpg

Wanna see more samples ?

Click below.

Surf Club 4.jpg

Most popular board for E-Commerce mailers,  it offers excellent crush resistance and superior printing surface.  Because of its thin profile and cushioning properties, E-Flute can substitute for conventional folding cartons or solid fiber containers. Ideal for cosmetics, glass, ceramic items and delicate instrument packaging.
It's lightweight and has aproximately 90 flutes per linear foot.

Thicker than E-flute, it's preferred for large shipping cartons, high speed, automatic packing lines and for pads, dividers, partitions and other forms of inner packing.
It has. good compression strength, puncture resistance and  printability. 

It has around 49 flutes per linear foot.

Board Caliper E.jpg

Around 1/16"

Board Caliper B.jpg

Around 1/8"


Natural Kraft
Alternatively referred to as K/K/K kraft over kraft, or K/K/W kraft over white, natural kraft corrugated boards have uncoated, matte surface that works well when printed with dark color or white inks. Light colors don't print accurately on natural kraft unless printed with opaque white undercolor.
Natural kraft boards contains the highest percentage of recycled material, giving off a more natural, eco-friendly look.


White Kraft
The most popular standard white board used for custom packaging. This classic corrugated white over white (W/K
/W ) or white over kraft (w/k/k) board  has a matte, uncoated mottled white surface that creates a contrast between the high saturated satin finished areas and the unprinted areas.

Kemi Board

Featuring a bright white satin clay coated liner on one side, this corrugated board is ideal for retail applications and displays. Also known as Kemi/K/W, it offers a smooth surface finish and a premium quality printing.  Because of the surface coating, inks stay on the surface with minimum dot gain causing sharper and more vibrant print colors.  All being said, Kemi board is typically higher in cost, and will sometimes require higher minimums and longer lead times.



Box Finishes

When luxury is the brand, the packaging and the marketing materials must reflect the higher standards and the  exclusivity of the brand with value added finishes.

For a photo quality print outside or inside the box, offset lithographic print with aqueous coatings or film laminations will provide the luxury look attracting attention and making a lasting impression.

Most common finishes to elevate your brand to the luxury level are:

  • Over all gloss digital print, or spot gloss over matte digital print.

  • Gloss or Matte Aqueous Coating with Litho print option

  • Gloss or Matte Film Lamination

  • Scuff Free Matte Film Lamination

  • Clear Soft Touch Film Lamination

  • Spot Gloss UV over matte finish

  • Metallic Silver, Gold or Holographic Film Lamination

Maison Du Parfum.jpg

 Paper Finish

Offset Print + AQ Finish.jpg

Aqueous Coating


Spot gloss over Matte Finish


Film Laminated board.jpg

Film Lamination




No printing plate
cutting die charges.


Sample charges are refunded when production order is placed.

trio group3_edited_edited.png


for digitally printed products


Add an extra dimension to your merchandising efforts with custom dividers or specially shaped surfaces.

Inserts are engineered specifically for your product to provide superior cushioning, and excellent protection against shipping damages. 

Ideal for giving packages the visual impact, full color bold graphics build brand identity and capture consumer attention.

Printed Foam
Cardboard Insert.jpg

When plastic is not an option, SBS cover material or  corrugated boards are the answer. 

Custom printed and cut platforms, trays or dividers provide the maximum visual impact your product deserves.


Made of 80# cover stock, custom size printed pockets are ideal to hold personal notes, letters, invoices, catalogs, coupons, spec sheets etc.

Foam Insert.jpg

Foam inserts are lightweight, durable and shock absorbent, making it a great option for protecting fragile products. It's of dense and tear resistant EVA material that can be digitally printed to package your product safely and beautifully.

Flip Card 2.jpg
Flip Cards

Made of heavy  cover stock or

E-Flute corrugated cardboards,  Flip cards are premium billboards for promotional marketing information, while providing additional protection to keep your products in place during transport.

Crinkle Cut.jpg
Crinkle Cut Tissue

As an inexpensive alternative, Crinkle Cut tissue paper protects the product during transit. Each shred is aproximately 1/8" wide.

Available in a wide variety solid colors.


Made of E-Flute corrugated cardboard custom made dividers are custom fitted to your products to provide optimal protection during transit. 


Pacobond can help your business save time , effort and money by assembling , kitting and distributing your packages. It's all done on our floor under one roof. For more details please click below.

C4 Kit.jpg
Giveaway Mini Mailers2.jpg
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